X86 常用标志位

wikipedia 上可以查到,X86 约有 17 个标志位寄存器,总结 8 个常见的

Bit #MaskAbbreviationDescriptionCategory=1=0
00x0001CFCarry flagStatusCY(Carry)NC(No Carry)
20x0004PFParity flagStatusPE(Parity Even)PO(Parity Odd)
0x0010AFAdjust flagStatusAC(Auxiliary Carry)NA(No Auxiliary Carry)
60x0040ZFZero flagStatusZR(Zero)NZ(Not Zero)
70x0080SFSign flagStatusNG(Negative)PL(Positive)
90x0200IFInterrupt enable flagControlEI(Enable Interrupt)DI(Disable Interrupt)
100x0400DFDirection flagControllDN(Down)UP(Up)
110x0800OFOverflow flagStatusOV(Overflow)NV(Not Overflow)


  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FLAGS_register

作者: YanWen

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